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Pollution, Global Warming and Climate Change

Climate Change is nowadays one of the most important problems on Earth.

This phenomenon is due to human activity: toxic gases such as carbon dioxide produced by factories or exhaust fumes from transport polluting the air.

On the one hand, this toxic atmosphere is the cause of some diseases, for instance, allergy and asthma: in huge cities like Mexico, people have to wear masks, owing to the fumes of cars, motorbikes, planes… On the other, global warming is occurring as a result of carbon dioxide emissions, because it absorbs and retains heat in the atmosphere and, as a consequence, global weather patterns and temperatures are being upset and this is called Climate Change.

If we don’t stop this, we are going to suffer extreme consequences.

Firs of all, the ice caps are melting due to the increasing temperatures. Consequently, sea levels will rise and cities or villages in the coast will be flooded in few years. Therefore, people who live there will have to move to other cities and a lot of islands won’t exist any more. There will be a lot of citizens living in a limited space! Furthermore, many people will have lost their jobs which depend on tourism (hotels, restaurants, amusement parks..)

This situation is very dangerous and we have to find a solution for future generations. However, this is difficult because everybody has to be aware of the problem and make an effort.

First, in a personal level, I think each person should use a means of transport that doesn’t pollute, such us bicycles, public transport or walk more often: we could thus reduce the number of cars circulating and their emissions. Besides, in my opinion, we should pay a congestion charge in all big cities.

At home, we must separate and recycle rubbish and stop using plastic bags: we should use reusable cotton bags instead. We can choose not too buy things with excessive plastic package.

We should also choose renewable energy produced by wind farms or solar panels.. and reduce the use of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas which produce a lot of carbon dioxide.

The government should pass environmentally friendly laws and all factories should meet certain standards in order to reduce their toxic emissions.

This is a vital matter for human beings, as well as the other living beings in our planet. Therefore, everybody will have to do something about it.


Paula Bartolomé, Elena Jimenez and Lara Torres are students in First Bachillerato. This mix of their essays shows the structure , contents and connectors (cause, effect, consequence, example, adittion, opinion…) as well as correct punctuation , Grammar and specific Vocabulary required for this kind of composition.  I am also hopeful that these small contributions will help rise awareness about environmental concerns and make people do the right thing.


Pollution, Global Warming and Climate Change